2020 has proved challenging for most of us. No-one could have predicted a pandemic on this scale. Whether we’re working from home, home schooling, suffering from a lack of social contact or feeling increased pressure in our relationships, the impact of the pandemic has been far reaching with some unexpected results.

As we start to ease out of lockdown and adapt to the ‘new normal’, it is a chance to take stock of our lives. Think about what really makes us happy and what is causing distress.

Counselling can help with this process of reflection by providing an neutral space where we can work together to improve your satisfaction and happiness. I am here to listen and support you.

In Person Sessions

As the lockdown restrictions ease, I am delighted to be able to welcome client’s back into my office in Worcester Park. I have been able to set up my space to allow for social distancing and I have put in place a number of measures to ensure your safety.

Online Sessions

I appreciate that not everyone will be willing (or able) to attend an in person session. I am offering online counselling for anyone who prefers.

Take the step and get some support. Contact me to arrange your initial session today.